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Dated: 11/03/2017

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You don't want to invest 15 minutes to get pre-approved for a mortgage. But, you want me to invest 8 hours of my Saturday looking for a home that you may or may not be able to buy? 

The raw reality of the home buying process.. Once you decide it's time to make a move, your first call should be to your financial lender. See what you qualify for and under what terms. Why would you put yourself through the agony of looking for a home, finding the Perfect one.. only to find out you don't qualify because of an old medical bill that wasn't paid years ago. 

Your Dream Home just slipped right through your fingers. Of course your in a lot of pain, beaten down and broken over losing THE ONE. Now, get ready to dust yourself off, pick up your head and get your ducks in a row, get back on that horse and start the search once again. You will be comparing every new home you see to the one that got away. It will take you longer to find the new "one" because nothing will live up to that 1st one... 

Be smart. 

Know what cards you have in your had before you bet on the game. 

Make sure you have a smart, confident agent on your side. 

This is one of the largest investments you will make in your lifetime, don't leave it up to chance. 

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Richard Michaels

Husband, father of 2 wonderful young men and an advocate for my clients. I never stop learning and I love to teach. Nothing is more rewarding than passing on the information I acquire to my clients ....

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